You’re in the process of creating a Google Merchant Center account and realize you don’t have a refund policy. Your company does not allow refunds. What should you do next?

  • Consider adding the return and refund policy to the website footer. It’s OK that you don’t allow returns or refunds, but you are required to state your refund policy clearly on your landing page so that it is readily available.
  • Make sure there is a disclaimer. Whether a business offers refunds or not, it’s not required to have the policy on the website landing page as long as there’s a disclaimer.
  • Don’t do anything. You are not required to state refund policy on your landing page. The policy is required for businesses that offer a refund; otherwise, it’s not a violation to exclude it from the footer of the website so it’s readily available.
  • Begin offering refunds and include the return and refund policy in the landing page footer so that it is readily available. In order to run on Shopping ads, both of these things are required.

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