HubSpot Digital Marketing Course Exam Answers 2024

  1. From top to bottom, what should your search account structure hierarchy look like?
  2. Scenario: A phrase-match keyword for one of your ads is “traveling in Boston.” Which of the following search queries would generate this ad? Choose all that apply.
  3. True or false? If you’re just starting out with paid ads and don’t know exactly how your persona will be searching, move from a narrower search to a broad match.
  4. During the decision stage of the buyer’s journey, it’s effective to use which of the following content formats? Select all that apply.
  5. True or false? A content offer is something you create and publish in exchange for personal information, like an email address and a name.
  6. To provide a personalized experience to your email reader, which of the following best practices should you employ? Select all that apply.
  7. True or false? To deliver an ad only to people searching for dress shoes for men, you could modify your broad match keyword to “+men’s dress shoes.”
  8. ___________ characters is the average character length that will appear on a mobile device for your email.
  9. What are the three stages of the buyer’s journey?
  10. Which of the following is an example of a video in the attract stage?
  11. Fill in the blank: ________ refers to how well a document matches a search query.
  12. Which of the following factors does YouTube pay attention to as part of its algorithm?
  13. Fill in the blank: When performing a social media content audit, begin by looking at all of the content you’ve posted in the last _________.
  14. Fill in the blank: Words like “free” or “percent off” may not trigger spam filters for your email, but could ___________.
  15. True or false? A benefit of organic content promotion is the ability to develop and deliver highly targeted content to consumers who will find the content most relevant.
  16. Which of the following represents a phrase match keyword?
  17. Which of the following represents an exact match keyword?
  18. What symbol would you use to add a broad match modifier?
  19. What is the difference between a brand keyword and a non-brand keyword?
  20. What is one benefit of running search ads for brand keywords?
  21. If you have a keyword set to broad match, but you want to select specific keywords that must be included in the search query for your ad to be displayed, what would you use?
  22. Fill in the blank: A keyword set to ______ match type will display your ad when the search term contains any or some combination or variations of the words in your keyword, in any order.
  23. What symbol would you use to add a negative keyword?
  24. What is the benefit of including ad extensions in your search ads?
  25. Which of the following represents a broad match keyword?
  26. How many ad extensions should you include in your search ads?
  27. True or false: Quality score is an algorithm that scores each of your search ads on spelling and grammar.
  28. Fill in the blank: A keyword set to _____ match type will display your ad if the search term contains the same order of the words, but it can also contain additional words.
  29. Fill in the blank: A keyword set to _____ match type will display your ad if the search term includes that keyword, or a very close variation.
  30. When auditing your social media content, what questions should you be looking to answer? Choose all that apply.
  31. What’s an example of a measurable key result? Choose all that apply.
  32. All of the following impact a website’s ability to rank on a search engine results page EXCEPT:
  33. True or false? Website performance does not impact visibility on Facebook.
  34. True or false: You should include either budget information or a time estimate in your content creation plan.
  35. Which of the following is NOT an example of paid media?
  36. Which of the following is NOT an example of owned media?
  37. Scenario: An exact-match keyword for one of your ads is “blue women’s t-shirts.” Which of the following search queries would generate this ad? Choose all that apply.
  38. How could this sentence be corrected to cut out fluffy words? “I really just want to go to the arcade to play games in order to have fun.”
  39. True or false? The holistic social media team model is common in growing companies. In this model, one team coordinates the approach to managing each social media account in partnership with other groups within the organization.
  40. Scenario: Your business is going through a website redesign. The goal of the redesign is to update the look and feel of the website to better represent the brand. Your manager recommends a custom font to help make the content stand out. How should you respond?
  41. Fill in the blank: Videos related to __________ moments address company milestones, new product or service features, or other company-related updates.
  42. Your manager asks your thoughts on how to increase visibility on the business’s YouTube channel. Which response best aligns with how YouTube’s algorithm works?
  43. Your manager tasks you with getting more of your web pages displayed in the featured snippet on a search engine results page. The best way to increase the number of your web pages that appear in featured snippets is by _______?
  44. True or false? When getting started with a business Instagram account, consider purchasing at least 1,000 followers to make your brand look more credible and acquire followers at a faster rate.
  45. Scenario: Tom is an avid Facebook user. Tom’s friend, Jane, posts a video from a travel-focused company called Get Out, Stay Out, about a new, local hiking trail. In the comments, Jane shares her thoughts and opinions about the trail. The following day, Tom’s sister sends him the same video link through Facebook Messenger. The Facebook algorithm sees all these interactions. Keeping this in mind, it’s likely Facebook will _______.
  46. True or false? You shouldn’t join a competitor’s Facebook Group. Doing so would only help increase their visibility, making it harder for you to create and grow a Facebook Group for your business.
  47. Which of the following is the best practice for optimizing the elements on a web page to reduce page size?
  48. Which of the following is an example of a video in the delight stage?
  49. Fill in the blank: The ideal length of an email subject line is _____ characters.
  50. True or false? You should use a consistent naming system to store and easily identify hosted files.
  51. Fill in the blanks: Tail winds are to ________ : as headwinds are to _________.
  52. The inbound methodology is meant to support which business functions?
  53. What does it mean to have an inbound approach to doing business?
  54. What stage of the buyer’s journey is your audience in if they’re choosing a free trial or consultation?
  55. Fill in the blank: When planning the timing of content in a calendar, _______.
  56. Scenario: Kyle is in a new role and looking to upskill, so he goes to Google to do some research. He finds a search engine listing that piques his interest and clicks it. He’s taken to a blog post on your site. He reads the post and sees there’s a content offer. He’s interested, but not sure he’s ready to give his information for it just yet. Below the offer, he sees a chatbot asking if he needs help so he clicks it to start a conversation. Which stage of the inbound methodology is Kyle in?
  57. Fill in the blank: Measuring your website’s authority comes down to assessing the volume and quality of the ____________.
  58. True or false? Relevancy directly impacts ranking strength.
  59. Fill in the blank: Once a search engine bot discovers your web page, it _______.
  60. Fill in the blank: The ideal blog post title is _____ characters.
  61. True or false? To help improve SEO, your URL should match the title of your blog post, word for word.
  62. Which of the following is an example of a video in the engage stage?
  63. True or false? Watching three seconds of a YouTube video is considered a view.
  64. All of the following are key places your videos can appear on YouTube EXCEPT:
  65. Which of the following places on Instagram can you use a link to click through to your website? Choose all that apply.
  66. Which of these KPIs demonstrate social media ROI? Choose all that apply.
  67. In order to include a link in a Story, Instagram requires business accounts to have ____ followers.
  68. True or false? Adding a string of meaningless numbers to your Instagram username could appear spammy.
  69. True or false? You can have more than one key result per objective.

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