Twitter Ads Manager Fundamentals Badge Assessment Exam Answers 2024

  1. Go big on branding and be laser focused are 2 examples of ______________
  2. Which area can help you reach the right people for your campaign?
  3. On the Dashboard, which tab do you use to create your ads content?
  4. Home Dashboard provides you with a _____ day summary of your progress
  5. What does the Audience estimator do?
  6. When setting up your campaign, how is it best to decide your targets?
  7. You need a ________________ to access Ads Manager.
  8. What are the three stages of Reporting Overview?
  9. The default filters in the Ads Manager are….? (Select three)
  10. Say your business wanted to drive conversation about an upcoming event, which campaign objective would you choose?
  11. Where can you measure your return on ad spend for Performance Advertising?
  12. 47% of sales performance can be attributed to ______________
  13. The Tweet Activity Dashboard (TAD) can show you details of how many times people have….? (Select all that apply)
  14. You can refine your data views by using _________
  15. Where can you upload media? (select two)
  16. Which of these is NOT a benefit of using the Tweet Composer?
  17. Which of these are refined audience targeting? (select all that apply)
  18. What are the main components of the marketing funnel? (select all that apply)
  19. Which budgets can be set? (Select all that apply)

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