HubSpot Inbound Certification Exam Answers 2023

  1. What occurs during the attract stage of the inbound methodology?
  2. When does the engage stage of the inbound methodology begin?
  3. True or false? As buying behavior changes, the inbound philosophy will also evolve.
  4. What is the purpose of the delight stage of the inbound methodology?
  5. True or false? Most buyers start researching potential solutions before they meet with a salesperson.
  6. Fill in the blank: The inbound methodology is a ____________.
  7. Fill in the blank: Your __________ is your strongest acquisition lever.
  8. What is the relationship between the inbound methodology and the concept of a flywheel?
  9. Which of the following is a problem with thinking of your business as a funnel?
  10. Who is responsible for delighting prospects and customers?
  11. True or false? Attracting is the role of marketing. Engaging is the role of sales. Delighting is the role of services.
  12. Which of the following is NOT a reason to think of your business as a flywheel?
  13. True or false? Every customer has to have a fantastic experience in order for your company’s flywheel to accelerate.
  14. What are the five inbound principles?
  15. True or false? When you standardize, you’re creating a single standard answer that has no variations.
  16. Which of the following is NOT something you would take into account when contextualizing information?
  17. Why is it common for companies to think of themselves in terms of a funnel?
  18. How can you apply flywheel thinking to your company’s budget?
  19. In a flywheel business, which of the following is the most important source of new prospects?
  20. How can thinking of your business as a flywheel foster cross-team collaboration?
  21. When it comes to inbound best practices, you personalize for:
  22. Fill in the blank: You standardize for ______________.
  23. Fill in the blank: When optimizing your content for clarity, your goal is to ______________.
  24. Which place is recommended for the storage of your prospect’s information?
  25. Why do the inbound principles exist?
  26. Fill in the blanks: You ________ have to provide the _________ right response, before delivering the __________ correct information.
  27. What does a knowledge strategy allow you to do?
  28. Which of the following is the best way to align a company’s employees around a single purpose?
  29. If a salesperson is speaking with a specific person and discovers that the person doesn’t exactly match their assigned persona, what should the salesperson do?
  30. Which of the following is NOT a key part of a company’s culture?
  31. When you use Jobs Theory to develop a timeline of events, where does that timeline start?
  32. What is Jobs Theory?
  33. Which of the following is NOT a “job dimension”? that Jobs Theory might uncover?
  34. How does your company’s purpose affect “back office”? teams (accounting, legal, etc.)?
  35. When it comes to goal setting, what are key results?
  36. What is the three horizon framework?
  37. When it comes to goal setting, what are objectives?
  38. In the three horizon framework, what does horizon one symbolize?
  39. True or false? Every business exists primarily to create profits?
  40. In the three horizon framework, what does horizon two symbolize?
  41. True or false? Objectives typically have a designated time period, while key results can be long lived.
  42. What’s the maximum number of top priorities a company should have at any given time?
  43. In the three horizon framework, what does horizon three symbolize?
  44. True or false? If one horizon begins to underperform, you should reallocate resources to those initiatives until they start performing well.
  45. Which of the following best describes a buyer persona?
  46. What kinds of information does your sales team likely need included in each persona?
  47. What kinds of information does your customer service team likely need included in each persona?
  48. True or false? There should be one person who is tasked with creating and maintaining your buyer personas.
  49. What is the relationship between your company’s purpose and your buyer personas?
  50. Who at your company will buyer personas most benefit?
  51. What is the role of “back office”? teams (accounting, legal, etc.) in creating buyer personas?
  52. Who should be involved in creating your buyer personas?
  53. True or false? A customer’s buying journey is ever-evolving. You should make updates as you learn more about your buyer persona.
  54. What is the buyer’s journey?
  55. If your content is focused on the different solutions to your buyer persona’s problem, where would that content fit into the buyer’s journey?
  56. What are the stages in the inbound methodology?
  57. Fill in the blank: Inbound is knowledge _________.
  58. Which departments should be involved in creating content?
  59. What is the relationship of funnels and flywheels to each other?
  60. True or false? It is a recommended best practice to gate and deliver majority of your content over live chat.
  61. According to Jobs Theory, which of the following is an example of a job story?
  62. What kinds of information does your marketing team likely need included in a persona?
  63. What does CRM stand for?
  64. You’ve joined a startup company. Before building out your content strategy, you’ll need to develop your company’s primary buyer persona. What’s the appropriate order for developing the buyer persona for your startup?
  65. A customer who recently purchased your product realizes that it’s not the right solution for the problem they were trying to solve. He would like to return the product. Which stage of the buyer’s journey is your customer in?
  66. You’ve been tasked with helping to research your organization’s buyer persona. Your boss asks you to reach out to a few good and bad customers. Is this the right approach?
  67. Fill in the blank: Inbound marketing represents a fundamental shift in the way that organizations operate because it is ______-centric.
  68. True or false? Buyer personas are effective for all organization types.
  69. What are the four stages of the Inbound Methodology?
  70. A website visitor is reading the blog post you published last month. They’re intrigued by the call-to-action that you have at the bottom of your post, so they decide to click it and are redirected to a form which they fill out and submit. Which Inbound Methodology stage is being described in this scenario?
  71. What is the definition of a buyer persona?
  72. True or false? In the context of inbound, buyer personas and ideal buyer profiles are the same thing.
  73. Optimizing your content helps improve __________.
  74. To help increase awareness for an upcoming product launch, your manager increases paid promotion funds by 300%. Which channels could you disperse these funds to?
  75. If you’re looking for a place to start with creating topic clusters and pillar pages, consider deconstructing your existing awareness- or consideration-stage offers into 10x content pillar pages.
  76. True or false? Social media is a key driver for word-of-mouth marketing.
  77. True or false? You should only create video content if you have a high-quality camera and lights.
  78. Fill in the blank: When creating a content offer, use _________ to determine the best content offer format.
  79. What are the steps of conversion optimization?
  80. True or false? Conversion optimization is NOT an iterative process.
  81. What is conversion optimization?
  82. What are the steps for creating a conversion path?
  83. True or false? If you have an ideal customer profile, you don’t need buyer personas.
  84. True or false? Each prospect who comes to your website for the first time is always in the Awareness stage of the buyer’s journey.
  85. True or false? When starting out, make sure you are engaging with customers on every single social media channel.
  86. Define a conversion path.
  87. This call-to-action isn’t performing as well as it should. What is the first thing to assess about the call-to-action?
  88. What is the main purpose of a landing page?
  89. Fill in the Blank: __________ allows you to understand what users want, care about, and interact with on your site by visually representing their clicks, taps, and scrolling behavior.
  90. All of the following are true about forms and lead flows EXCEPT:
  91. True or False: Responsive design relies on predefined screen sizes.
  92. When designing site architecture and navigation, whose experience should be the primary consideration?
  93. Fill in the blank: While most pages should be optimized for user interaction, responsive blogs should be first optimized for _________.
  94. Fill in the blank: _______________ is a friendly, harmonious relationship; a relationship characterized by agreement, mutual understanding, or empathy that makes communication possible or easy.
  95. What is the definition of lead nurturing?
  96. An inbound sales strategy focuses on identifying people who _________.
  97. What is the goal of the identify phase of an inbound sales strategy?
  98. What is the difference between a sales process and an inbound sales strategy?
  99. True or false? An inbound sales approach is necessary because the world has changed and salespeople need to adapt to new technologies and buying patterns.
  100. True or false? As an inbound sales representative, acting as an information gatekeeper and holding power over the entire sales process helps you win more sales.
  101. 60% of a buyer’s purchase decision has already been made before even talking to a sales representative. What does that mean for inbound sales?
  102. True or false? Having an inbound sales strategy is important because of changes made by the invention of the internet.
  103. You want to improve your customer experience processes and your products to ensure you’re focused on delight. Which should you do to get the largest, most representative sample?
  104. When should you focus on delighting people?
  105. What is social listening?
  106. True or false? Content is only used during the attract and delight stages of the inbound methodology.
  107. Fill in the blank: ______________ are people who respond to the NPS with a score between 0 and 6.
  108. Imagine you surveyed 100 training attendees. If 10% were detractors, 30% were passives, and 60% were promoters, what would your NPS be?
  109. True or false? NPS is calculated by subtracting the detractors percentage from the passives percentage.
  110. True or false? To ensure that search engines understand your website page, it’s necessary to repeat your primary keyword throughout the page content using the same wording and phrasing.
  111. True or false? An effective conversion path must include a landing page.
  112. True or false? If a lead flow only asks for a visitor’s email address, that’s enough information to create a useful record in the CRM.
  113. What are the three core tenents of inbound?
  114. True or false? A website page should always have three goals. There should be one primary goal and two secondary goals.
  115. True or false? A call-to-action must be a button.
  116. Which of the following is NOT a lead nurturing tactic?
  117. What are the phases of an inbound sales strategy?
  118. Fill in the blank: ____________ is the process of listening to customer feedback about their experience using a product or service, sharing results within the organization, and interpreting feedback to improve customer experience and retention.
  119. Which of the following delight terms is considered to be reactive to your customers’ needs?
  120. What are the phases for the inbound sales framework?
  121. True or false? Most buyers are naturally trusting of salespeople.
  122. True or false? An inbound sales strategy aims to connect with buyers when they’re in the decision stage of the buyer’s journey.
  123. Which of the following is the best technique for helping people progress through the buyer’s journey?
  124. Which is true about content and its relationship with the Inbound Methodology?

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